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At First American Exchange, we make the process of beginning a 1031 exchange possible. Let us show you how easy it is to reinvest your exchange dollars.

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First American Exchange is the industry leader in 1031 exchanges. Our resource library contains calculators brochures, webinars, newsletters, rulings and cases, publications, and FAQs to help you stay informed about the latest in our financial sector through our combined knowledge.

A 1031 exchange helps you save tax dollars by reinvesting your capital gains dollars. Learn how we can help you preserve your wealth through reinvestment in "like kind" assets.

Calculate Your Liability

Use our capital gains calculator to determine approximate capital gains tax deferred by an individual taxpayer when performing an IRC Section 1031 exchange. Use our exchange date calculator to determine when your 1031 exchange timeframes.

These free tools can help you determine just how beneficial a 1031 exchange from First American Exchange can be for you.

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First American Exchange offers monthly webinars that help to educate professionals on the advantages of 1031 exchanges and other important topics that relate to our industry.

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